Our Campus


SMCC owns about forty acres of property. Our primary facility sits at the intersection of Tyler Road and Old Tyler Road. This building includes our adult education spaces, children's ministry, worship center, chapel, and fellowship hall.

Life Center

North of Tyler Road sits our gymnasium, or Family Life Center. Our All-Star basketball program meets here. A baseball field and softball field are also on this portion of the property.


South of Old Tyler Road is a brick home known as the Jones House. This building has been used by missionaries, and currently houses our high school and college ministries. We also have a soccer field on this side of the property.


We have three Primary parking Locations.

Main Parking Lot - this is our largest parking area located in front of our Family Life Center. You will use the double crosswalk on Tyler Road to get to our front entry.

Jones House Lot - this is a smaller lot beside the Jones House where you can follow the crosswalk to our side entry.

Kid's Ministry Lot - this parking area comes in handy for families dropping off their children. It's located to the west of the Main Building.

*We also have handicapped parking and reserved parking for senior adults, expectant mothers, and families of small children around the perimeter of the main building.

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