Hi! I’m David Spurling, and I serve as an Elder at SMCC. I was born into a loving Christian home here in Bluff Park, but Dad's work quickly took us to Charlotte, NC. Thankfully, the Lord brought us back for my 4th grade year, and I've been here since, graduating from Berry High School and Samford University. Growing up was a fun combination of friends, family, sports, music and church. Many great memories! Mom was on staff as administrative assistant to pastors, and Dad served as deacon, usher and coach. So, we were basically in church every time the doors were open.

I was blessed with amazing leaders and teaching, musical programs, youth retreats and mission trips, in addition to seeing the love of Christ lived out at home. The Lord used His Word, along with this cloud of witnesses around me, to allow me to fully understand the ugliness of my sin in comparison to His holiness and my desperate need for the perfect sacrifice of Jesus (the ONLY possible salvation - John 14:6) in my place. I was baptized and publicly declared the work God was doing in my heart in late elementary school, but that was, by no means, the completed work. God continuously, patiently grows my faith every day, constantly reminding me how I can do/earn nothing apart from Him; teaching me the vast beauty of His perfect Word, and revealing more and more how immensely complete, glorious, personal, sacrificial and loving He is to His children. HE IS the prize and great reward.

God also gave me the gift of a talented, beautiful, thoughtful, loving wife and friend - Ashley. We grew up in youth group together, got the blessing of being friends first, and were married in June of 2000. The Lord gave us two amazing daughters, AJ and Tessa, whom He is graciously guiding as well. They are as lovely and gifted as their mother. Professionally, I've been a real estate agent since 2006. Our whole family looks forward to knowing and serving alongside you as we grow in Christ together at SMCC!  


I enjoy running, golf, time with friends and family (card or board games are always welcome), yardwork, podcasts about preaching and studying the Word, and good movies/old favorite TV shows.


I serve as one of your Elders. It's an honor to study the Word and pray over our congregation with the other wonderful men God appointed to this ministry!

Favorite Scripture:

He must increase, but I must decrease.

John 3:30